Once when she was tired.. tired of trying to reach where she wanted to, tired of fighting with her obstacles, tired of climbing the unending stairs of success… Then suddenly she stopped, turned, sat down and started crying!
“Why are you crying?” Asked her soul.
“When you want to become something, you work hard, you are always ready for a struggling life, but I never knew, that a time will come when these challenges would become so hard for me to even bear them.” She replied.
“Okay, so tell me one thing, –
Just imagine you are a principal of a school and there’s an event in the school after which you are told to give prizes to the best students of the school, so will you give those prizes to each and every student of the school?” Asked her soul.
She – “The trophies aren’t made of just glass and wood, they are the significance of a person’s sweat, hard work, dilligence, patience and everything which a person pours to make his/her parents proud. These qualities make a trophy so expensive that it cannot be given to everyone. So being a principal of a school, I will test my students on the basis of their abilities, capabilities, hard work after which I’ll decide the best ones to whom the trophies should be given.”
Her soul – “And that is what you have to do in your real life. Successful and a satisfied life is a pearl of a person’s crown. God is our principal and to give that pearl to us is his task but the thing is he’s also testing his students like you on the basis of their abilities and capabilities. You have to prove him that your hard work is worth that pearl. So stand, go ahead, earn that pearl for yourself. Bear the pain now and be happy for the rest of your life.”

After that, she never turned behind. She could see her motive and her goal clearly.



The motivation, will power, hardwork. These all assets lie in us, but the need is to identify and make them as our strength.


Author: An Indian Passerby

An Indian who loves poetry and stars.

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