And you complain about ‘Loneliness’?

My friend! Go, open the window and see the moon shining so brightly there alone in the sky. Just keep watching it, and feel the moment. And then you’ll realise that just a sight of moon will bring so calmness and peace in your heart.

Did the light of the moon decreased when it wasn’t surrounded by so many stars? No!

And do you know! Even the collection of so many stars cannot make sky shine so bright as much as the moon alone can do.

And Loneliness! it is the similar thing. Alone people are the most sorted ones. When you know your purpose, your goals and become successful in achieving it, then like the moon, you too will shine and will be able to make a bright life for your family.

But yes! Remember! Stars too do have a value. How? Just imagine a bright star shining close to the moon. It can never decrease the value of the moon, but you’ll enjoy the beautiful sight. So same is the case with a person. If you find the people who motivate you, help you, and be the hand on your shoulder whenever you need them, then never lose them. Your grace will be increased to have that person in your life.

On the other hand if you have the people who only spread negativity in your life, do not let you focus on your goals, then it is better to be happily alone. Spending time with yourself, reading books – gaining knowledge, solo travelling will make you one of the most happiest and loving persons. You’ll always be at peace with yourselves.

Never complain about ‘Loneliness’. Instrad embrace it. Love the nature, love your surroundings, love the voice of the rain, which calms the storm inside you, love the smell of wet soil, which makes you happy even when your heart is broken, love the night which talks to you even when everybody is silent, love the morning which enlightens a hope in you that everything will be healed with time, love the trees, the mountains, the hills, the flowers who make you feel energised & most importantly love God who has created all these things for us.”

Try to find love in them & then you’ll notice that how much you are in love with your own company.

“If your circumstances gift you loneliness, then you have the power to make it as your stength.” 🙂


Author: An Indian Passerby

An Indian who loves poetry and stars.

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