Our life is a constant journey, where one never knows which obstacle is waiting for us to overcome it, thrash it. 

But, that’s the thing about journeys. We go from extreme low to extreme high and sometimes vice versa. But our focus should be on – “Never stop on the path” , because we never know which car or person overtakes us on the journey.. maybe they can end our’s to fulfill their’s.

But do you know what’s the best part about these journeys?… To be consistent and still trying to crawl despite of being injured by the vehicles going around.

Because “Even a little spark of sunlight enlightens the whole world even in rainy days.” – & that’s the time of rainbows to come … To colour our life, to colour the fruits of our hardwork.

So.. this is the time, never give up, 

Go – Try – Rise High


Author: An Indian Passerby

An Indian who loves poetry and stars.

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