Once when she was tired.. tired of trying to reach where she wanted to, tired of fighting with her obstacles, tired of climbing the unending stairs of success… Then suddenly she stopped, turned, sat down and started crying!
“Why are you crying?” Asked her soul.
“When you want to become something, you work hard, you are always ready for a struggling life, but I never knew, that a time will come when these challenges would become so hard for me to even bear them.” She replied.
“Okay, so tell me one thing, –
Just imagine you are a principal of a school and there’s an event in the school after which you are told to give prizes to the best students of the school, so will you give those prizes to each and every student of the school?” Asked her soul.
She – “The trophies aren’t made of just glass and wood, they are the significance of a person’s sweat, hard work, dilligence, patience and everything which a person pours to make his/her parents proud. These qualities make a trophy so expensive that it cannot be given to everyone. So being a principal of a school, I will test my students on the basis of their abilities, capabilities, hard work after which I’ll decide the best ones to whom the trophies should be given.”
Her soul – “And that is what you have to do in your real life. Successful and a satisfied life is a pearl of a person’s crown. God is our principal and to give that pearl to us is his task but the thing is he’s also testing his students like you on the basis of their abilities and capabilities. You have to prove him that your hard work is worth that pearl. So stand, go ahead, earn that pearl for yourself. Bear the pain now and be happy for the rest of your life.”

After that, she never turned behind. She could see her motive and her goal clearly.



The motivation, will power, hardwork. These all assets lie in us, but the need is to identify and make them as our strength.


Conversations with God

Me – “You always smiled whenever I complained to you about any bad circumstances I go through. I know your smile and those hands full of blessings signify me to be patient. But, it’s getting difficult now. This deeply saddened heart refuses to face and walk through the roads where sun shines brightly everyday, because it knows that this warmness of sun is not able to soak the tears of this lonely heart.”

God – “Just tell me one thing! You have always told me that you love ‘Indian Army’ the most. Can you tell me the reason?”

Me – “Indian Army! I have heard the stories of these brave men. They are so courageous, brave, that they don’t even think for once before sacrificing their lives for us. We don’t even have any blood relation with them, but still they think of our safety even before their own family. And you have always told me God! That the ones who do something good for us, should always be appreciated and remembered.”

God – “Exactly! But why don’t you yourself join the Army?”

Me – “Me? No! My strength and capabilities do not even match to 1% of theirs.”

God – “My child! That’s where you are wrong. Warriors? You have always wanted to be one. But you think the warriors are the only ones who fight at the border. No! Warriors are the ones who fight with all their strength, courage, whenever any problem arises, be it in a battle field or anywhere else. Only their swords differ. One has a rifle and the other has ‘The ray of hope’. The warriors of both the kinds are filled with bravery in their hearts. They fight with their demons ferociously. Do you know why? Because they want to live. And that is what you are doing. You are fighting with your demons everyday, because you want to live. You want happiness as your reward. So until and unless, you have that willpower, your purpose, you cannot give up. You have come so far. Keep fighting with the same spirit. Fighters always rejoice at the end.

Me – “But past? How to forget it? Whenever it flashes before my eyes, my heart starts crying and at the same moment, it seems that the pain will never end. I really want to forget my past now, all its memories. It makes me cry.”

God – “Tell me!, Whenever a soldier gets retired, does he says, “I wish, I could forget all the wars I fought, so that I can retire peacefully?”

Me – “Never! Instead they are so proud to show their battle scars, to tell the stories of the wars to their grand-children, and moreover wars are the times, when they get rewarded with the bravery awards.”

God – “Correct! Past is never a thing to run from. Instead be proud to say that yes! You overcame such hard situations. Be proud of your scars. They’ll only give you strength in life.”

Me – “Oh God! Thankyou so much, for always making ‘Handling bad situations’ easy for me. I often forget that whatever you do, it’s always good for us. Sorry for all the complaints.”

God – “Go fight now! You have me. Who else do you need!”

And then she slept with more strength in her heart and a smile on her face.


And you complain about ‘Loneliness’?

My friend! Go, open the window and see the moon shining so brightly there alone in the sky. Just keep watching it, and feel the moment. And then you’ll realise that just a sight of moon will bring so calmness and peace in your heart.

Did the light of the moon decreased when it wasn’t surrounded by so many stars? No!

And do you know! Even the collection of so many stars cannot make sky shine so bright as much as the moon alone can do.

And Loneliness! it is the similar thing. Alone people are the most sorted ones. When you know your purpose, your goals and become successful in achieving it, then like the moon, you too will shine and will be able to make a bright life for your family.

But yes! Remember! Stars too do have a value. How? Just imagine a bright star shining close to the moon. It can never decrease the value of the moon, but you’ll enjoy the beautiful sight. So same is the case with a person. If you find the people who motivate you, help you, and be the hand on your shoulder whenever you need them, then never lose them. Your grace will be increased to have that person in your life.

On the other hand if you have the people who only spread negativity in your life, do not let you focus on your goals, then it is better to be happily alone. Spending time with yourself, reading books – gaining knowledge, solo travelling will make you one of the most happiest and loving persons. You’ll always be at peace with yourselves.

Never complain about ‘Loneliness’. Instrad embrace it. Love the nature, love your surroundings, love the voice of the rain, which calms the storm inside you, love the smell of wet soil, which makes you happy even when your heart is broken, love the night which talks to you even when everybody is silent, love the morning which enlightens a hope in you that everything will be healed with time, love the trees, the mountains, the hills, the flowers who make you feel energised & most importantly love God who has created all these things for us.”

Try to find love in them & then you’ll notice that how much you are in love with your own company.

“If your circumstances gift you loneliness, then you have the power to make it as your stength.” 🙂

31st December, 2017

Dear 2017,

In these 364 days you have become so familiar with me that now you know that I’m scared of good-byes, new beginnings. I’m afraid of changes, because I cling so tightly to the past, to the memories, to the past. 

I know ‘The Change in Year’ doesn’t signifies ‘A Change in Life’, but still I get scared when I think of future, when I pray to God that I don’t want to lose anybody. Hey 2017 ! You literally came with those moments, which I never thought could occur in my life. And now I’m scared. Every year I wish people ‘Happy New Year’ with a happy face, but only I know that, that face hides several insecurities of my mind. My heart cries silently hiding behind the voice of the crackers which celebrate the arrival of the new year.

Okay, no more complaints, because smiles and tears go side by side, and I read that somewhere that if we don’t suffer pain, then how can happiness tastes sweeter. 

Bye 2017, Thankyou for everything. As the tears make our eyes shine bright, similarly our scars will make our souls more clear. My hopes and wishes will always be alive like your memories. 🙂 #Goodbye❤


Our life is a constant journey, where one never knows which obstacle is waiting for us to overcome it, thrash it. 

But, that’s the thing about journeys. We go from extreme low to extreme high and sometimes vice versa. But our focus should be on – “Never stop on the path” , because we never know which car or person overtakes us on the journey.. maybe they can end our’s to fulfill their’s.

But do you know what’s the best part about these journeys?… To be consistent and still trying to crawl despite of being injured by the vehicles going around.

Because “Even a little spark of sunlight enlightens the whole world even in rainy days.” – & that’s the time of rainbows to come … To colour our life, to colour the fruits of our hardwork.

So.. this is the time, never give up, 

Go – Try – Rise High


I’m tired, I’m extremely tired now, enduring all this. This is unbearable now, she said while sobbing & hugging her pillow tightly. 

An unknown voice – This will end. I’m sure.. good days are going to come, but till then be strong, you can’t give up.

She – When? when will my happy days come, when are these nights going to end. I’m dying bearing all this. I’m sick of this fake smile. 

An unknown voice – But, you don’t have any other option, except waiting patiently.

She – And do you know, this is the worst thing, I can’t even do anything else rather than surviving these one of the worst days. (Crying) I hope my happy days come back soon.

An unknown voice – Soon? Maybe or maybe not?.. Nothing worth good comes easy. If it would have been easy, then God would not have tested you, your patience, your strength. Moreover if it would have been easy, how will you rejoice at the end? That is why they say, “The longer you wait, the sweeter the results God create.” You have to qualify for those happy days. You have to give the test & pass it with excellence. You can’t give up. God hasn’t gifted you this life to just sit back and complain. Stand up girl, fight for yourself. Fight for your happy days. Nobody is going to do that for you. God helps those, who help themselves. So go! Fight! Live your life!

She – But.. but, I’m scared, scared if really my happy days would ever come back. Or how will I support myself, if I fall again, or even after fighting, after fixing my broken pieces, If I’ll ever get back my smile again?

An unknown voice – And do you know?.. this is what we call faith. Faith on that Supreme Lord God, that he will give your happy days back. If you are true, then trust me he’s going to be with you. You’ll not be the only one to clear the stones from your way. He’ll be doing that with you too. So start the journey and have faith in him n he’ll never disappoint you. 🙂


And once again, she slept hugging her pillow with a hope that one day, her pillow will not have to witness her teary eyes, but her smiling face.