31st December, 2017

Dear 2017,

In these 364 days you have become so familiar with me that now you know that I’m scared of good-byes, new beginnings. I’m afraid of changes, because I cling so tightly to the past, to the memories, to the past. 

I know ‘The Change in Year’ doesn’t signifies ‘A Change in Life’, but still I get scared when I think of future, when I pray to God that I don’t want to lose anybody. Hey 2017 ! You literally came with those moments, which I never thought could occur in my life. And now I’m scared. Every year I wish people ‘Happy New Year’ with a happy face, but only I know that, that face hides several insecurities of my mind. My heart cries silently hiding behind the voice of the crackers which celebrate the arrival of the new year.

Okay, no more complaints, because smiles and tears go side by side, and I read that somewhere that if we don’t suffer pain, then how can happiness tastes sweeter. 

Bye 2017, Thankyou for everything. As the tears make our eyes shine bright, similarly our scars will make our souls more clear. My hopes and wishes will always be alive like your memories. 🙂 #Goodbye❤



Our life is a constant journey, where one never knows which obstacle is waiting for us to overcome it, thrash it. 

But, that’s the thing about journeys. We go from extreme low to extreme high and sometimes vice versa. But our focus should be on – “Never stop on the path” , because we never know which car or person overtakes us on the journey.. maybe they can end our’s to fulfill their’s.

But do you know what’s the best part about these journeys?… To be consistent and still trying to crawl despite of being injured by the vehicles going around.

Because “Even a little spark of sunlight enlightens the whole world even in rainy days.” – & that’s the time of rainbows to come … To colour our life, to colour the fruits of our hardwork.

So.. this is the time, never give up, 

Go – Try – Rise High


I’m tired, I’m extremely tired now, enduring all this. This is unbearable now, she said while sobbing & hugging her pillow tightly. 

An unknown voice – This will end. I’m sure.. good days are going to come, but till then be strong, you can’t give up.

She – When? when will my happy days come, when are these nights going to end. I’m dying bearing all this. I’m sick of this fake smile. 

An unknown voice – But, you don’t have any other option, except waiting patiently.

She – And do you know, this is the worst thing, I can’t even do anything else rather than surviving these one of the worst days. (Crying) I hope my happy days come back soon.

An unknown voice – Soon? Maybe or maybe not?.. Nothing worth good comes easy. If it would have been easy, then God would not have tested you, your patience, your strength. Moreover if it would have been easy, how will you rejoice at the end? That is why they say, “The longer you wait, the sweeter the results God create.” You have to qualify for those happy days. You have to give the test & pass it with excellence. You can’t give up. God hasn’t gifted you this life to just sit back and complain. Stand up girl, fight for yourself. Fight for your happy days. Nobody is going to do that for you. God helps those, who help themselves. So go! Fight! Live your life!

She – But.. but, I’m scared, scared if really my happy days would ever come back. Or how will I support myself, if I fall again, or even after fighting, after fixing my broken pieces, If I’ll ever get back my smile again?

An unknown voice – And do you know?.. this is what we call faith. Faith on that Supreme Lord God, that he will give your happy days back. If you are true, then trust me he’s going to be with you. You’ll not be the only one to clear the stones from your way. He’ll be doing that with you too. So start the journey and have faith in him n he’ll never disappoint you. 🙂


And once again, she slept hugging her pillow with a hope that one day, her pillow will not have to witness her teary eyes, but her smiling face.